Look good for the one low price of $119.95

 This one price includes either new resumes or updates of your present resume. 

 While proficient in résumé creation and updates at all levels of experience, we specialize in first time job seekers and those with limited experience  looking to make a step forward in today's job market.  We will bring  emphasis to the talents that probably you aren't even aware of and  present you as a true contender in today's competitive marketplace.  You deserve a good job and it can be yours with the proper presentation of your skills and experience.   A good résumé will put you in demand.  A résumé alone will not get you  the job, but it will certainly get you an interview which will give you  the opportunity to shine. 

 An additional benefit of a résumé is psychological.  A good résumé will  allow you to see yourself in a different light, a more positive version  of yourself and your abilities.   A résumé has the remarkable effect of infusing self-confidence, one of the most important requirements in your job search.   You will believe more in yourself than you did before reading it.   This will strongly effect how you view the interview. Your ability to  communicate that self-confidence will be a huge plus with the  interviewer.  

 If you’ve shopped, then you know $119.95 is great price for a  professionally completed resume that will absolutely make you shine like the star you are!  This one price includes either a brand-new, start-from-scratch resume or  an update of your current resume, no matter the extent of your work  experience. To update does not mean simply adding your more recent  periods of experience. It means refurbishing your entire work  history. It means a new look at yourself, by you as well as those in the  position to hire or advance you.



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 All pertinent educational experience and life skills will be converted  to powerful selling points. Previous career formation and continuing  education will be highlighted. Emphasis will be on what you have already  achieved and what you now offer. Establishment of your credentials will  be the focus. 

 If you prefer to pay by check or money order, you can email or call and  have a questionnaire mailed to you. After completing it in detail, return it in the self-addressed envelope with your payment.          

 **If you dont have a current or you have an outdated Resume, please fill out the Questionnaire below**

On the Client Questionnaire  you will find a list of questions that must be answered to the best of  your ability.  Please take your time in completing the questionnaire.   Any details, no matter how trivial or unimportant you may think they  are, should be included.  All the information about your educational and  working history must be made available to us.  The more information we  have, the more we will be able to present you in the best possible  light.  We want to make you indispensible.  Please let us decide what is  pertinent.  Try to explain your answers.  We will mine the gold and put  it on display.  


We promise that your information will remain strictly  confidential and that we will never share it with any third party for  any reason whatsoever.