Click on the button below to deliver the questionnaire to your computer.  Upon completion, return it as an attachment to  Or, if you prefer, print it out, complete it by hand, and return it by mail to the  mailing address at the top of the page. 

questionnaire (doc)


 1. State your name, mailing address, permanent address, phone and fax  numbers and your email address where employers can contact you.  If  relevant, include your website address.  

 2. What is the purpose of your résumé?  Are you looking for a position  with a different employer or a different position with your current  employer? 


3. What specific position are you seeking?  If you wish to apply for a  number of specific positions, state them all.  Depending on how similar  or dissimilar they are will determine our approach to the best résumé  for you. 


4. Will the position you are seeking be your first job, or has this been your only employer? 


5. Are you looking to change jobs or are you re-entering the workforce  after an absence?  This too will help us determine the presentation of  your abilities. 


6. If this is not to be your first or second job, would you say that you  have had progressive professional growth since your work history?  If  so, please explain. 

  7. Which would you say is stronger, your skills and accomplishments or the length of your work experience? 

  8. Are you willing to locate for the right position?  If so, how far are you willing to move? 

  9. Are there any special circumstances which might affect your résumé?   Have you been fired?  Are there gaps in your employment history? Have  you had a major career change?  Do you have a criminal record?  Are  there any immigration issues or other reasons that may affect your  ability to work?  You must be truthful.  We can make lemonade from lemons, but only if we have the lemons.  

 10. What, if any, positions have you held?  Obviously, if this is to be  your first job, there won’t be much in that regard.  However, any  position of responsibility, even if you weren’t paid for it, should be  mentioned.  Think hard about this.  Anything, no matter how minor you may think it is, will help.   If there have been positions, please state, (a) the dates you held the  position(s), (b)   the specific tasks you accomplished while in that  position, and (c) how these tasks support the   job you are currently  seeking. 

  11. For each task or accomplishment, state which words best describe the  work you did.  Did you "manage", "develop", "negotiate", etc.?  If you  are at a loss for the proper word, just describe the task or  accomplishment the best way you can with as much detail as you can.   We’ll turn it into that diamond.  

 12. If you have had any work history at all, how did you contribute to  the success of the company or department with which you were employed?   Please use specific numbers and/or percentages or details, as they  apply to you.  

 13. What is the highest level of education that you have reached?  From  which school(s) did you receive diploma(s), and what were your majors,  if this applies?  Also, include your graduation dates. 

  14. List any academic awards or honors.  If applicable, state the topic  or title of your Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.  Also, list  any professional licenses or certificates you hold. 

  15. What special skills could you offer companies that apply to the  position you are seeking?  For example, any proficiency in certain  computer languages or programs, pilot’s license, internet experience,  artistic talent, foreign languages or shorthand experience or any other  talents may possess.  List everything.  Something you take so for  granted that you don’t even think about it may be just the thing a  prospective employer is looking for.  

 16. List any non-work experience you may have.  For example, do you  belong to any professional   associations?  If so, what positions did  you hold.  If you are or are about to be a recent graduate, what  organizations were you involved with while in high school or college?   Have you done any volunteer work?  All of these things count toward rounding you out as a person, not just an applicant. You must think hard on these items.  

 17. Why are you the very best candidate for this position? You must be  very specific in answering this question.  Don’t worry if your answer  meanders off the chart.  We will clean it up and make it very focused.   

18. Why should you be hired over all the other applicants?  Again, the  more specific, the better.   What truly sets you apart from the rest?  Don’t be afraid to "toot your own horn".  The answer to this question will be very important toward an exciting cover letter.  

At the risk of appearing repetitive, we ask that you go back over the  questions and your answers.  Put it down for a while and re-read it with  a rested mind.  Everything is important!